Here at Stutzman Chiropractic we are always accepting New Patients. Whether it was online, heard from a friend or any other way you heard about us, we are always welcome new faces in the clinic.

We strive to give our patients the very best chiropractic care available. We work hard to offer the most up-to-date chiropractic services. We want you to walk out of each appointment feeling better than when you walked in. It is always our goal to improve your life through our specialized and individualized chiropractic care.

We want you to enjoy your time seeing us. So we will make sure that you feel that you are getting the time and treatment you deserve.

If you would like to get started with care feel free to fill out the New Patient paperwork and bring it in with you at your first appointment.

Our Process

Your First visit

  • Your first visit will be a dedicated exam with Dr. Stutzman. He will take a detalied history, so we can get to know you and understand your problem. We will put you through specific testing and movement exams to understand how your body will best respond to the treatment options that we offer.

Your second Visit

  • You will recieve a Report Of Finding about what your exam has shown and an Specialized treatment plan for your specifically. After that if you wish to start care we will start right then.

Continued care

  • One we get you out of pain, our goal is to keep you feeling and moving great. Most people achieve this by getting adjsuted monthly. This is to keep the body mobile and moving properly.


Schedule Now!

We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting you back to doing the things you love

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